Thursday, October 24, 2013

When I was eight...

OctPoWriMo Challenge 2013 Day 24

"now stop it
will you and eat your food"
my mom would usually shout at me
but I hardly used to listen until a good thrashing
"why can't you be like others
play around rather than studying all the time"
my mother complained everyday
why I can't I be like others
I said that to my self end number of times
I couldn't
I was a loner
I still am
I loved to spend time reading rather
than playing in the garden
a good book and I am in a closet.

My dad loved me the way I am
My mother loved me but complained
no body used to talk to me
still in my locality people are shy to talk
as if I would bite them

No I didn't wear geeky glasses then
nor do I wear them now
My best friend a book
and it remained so till date.

I suddenly remembered the lines my mom shouted out when I was eight or so. I hardly have other memories of myself except for my dad gifting me books or my mom shouting at me to eat. I was a good child otherwise. I hardly had friend in my school days..and even when I made friends..they were really the wrong ones..except for one or two. I surely had classmates whom I used to talk but could never connect to. I made good friends in my college days and some in the university. My closest friend passed away in 2009 and when I got married my closest buddy became my husband. This is much of a random write and whatever came to my mind I wrote without any inhibition. Thank you.


Adam Everhard said...

I need the geeky glasses now more than ever. I've got reading glasses and driving glasses. I like to think I look a bit scholarly, but I think I just look myopic.

Ankit Sharma said...

A book is a loner's best friend. Wonderfully written.

seekingmeme said...

I love the spontaneity of what you've written. I, too, had to just let it come with this prompt. I lived in my imagination a lot at 8, fueled by characters from books.

Christine said...

I had similar experiences as a child, being told I wasn't normal and why couldn't I be like everyone else. I love your poetry!

Annis Cassells said...

Wonderful portrait of your 8-year-old self. Thank you. xoA