Sunday, October 20, 2013

On the rocks

OctPoWriMo Challenge 2013 Day 20

Let there be ice I said,
watch my heart burn,
fill me up with yourself,
and let the night roll,
burn up my passion,
and watch the ice melt.

There's a chilliness in the air
let the waltz begin
cosy up a little
let the warmth be felt
don't move away

Stay with me longer
it's not yet time
I am on a high oh!my lover
I am on a high
just a little longer
it's still not yet time.

The night is long
and it is cold
slowly you'r sipped
slowly you go
time is moving away
and I am left behind
you are gone my lover
forever gone.

The scotch lover in me could only think of a passionate night between a glass and the drink. Cheers.


Ankit Sharma said...

Whoa! So amazing only. A perfect romance between the glass and the drink. The scotch lover in me had a big smile when it read this post. Nice :)


Oh! Ankit sharma you perfectly understand.

Beth Teliho said...

Oh love it! Very passionate...longing for the night not to be over. *sigh* I'm not a scotch drinker but this kinda made me want to be. :)

yikici said...

This is most excellent, creatively beautiful. :)

Annis Cassells said...

And for non-scotch lovers, quite a surprise! Thank you. xoA