Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From your beloved

OctPoWriMo 2013 Day 16

In some deep thoughts
I am buried,
Is it you
That I am referring to,
Do you know
That I have an urn,
Not a beauty though,
Not anything like the Grecian urn
That Keats' spoke of,
‘beauty is truth, truth beauty’
Remember the line,
Do you remember
that my dad once gave you along lecture on that,
and how you sat dumbfounded,
knowing not the reasons,
yet, you listened,
the reason was me then,
the reason is still me now,
look how you mislead me,
that’s the charm you still have on me,
I was speaking of my urn,
You know I keep all my sorrows and pains there,
The pains that you once gave me,
The sorrows that I secretly hold it to myself,
Now you know
Why the urn is not a beauty,
Though it’s intricately carved with gold,
The base colour is pink you know,
Yes pink: you heard me right,
My favourite colour,
Do you remember the pink shawl
that you gave it to me on my birthday,
The one that got lost,
Do you remember,
Do you remember anything at all,
Anything about us,
Anything about me,

The urn,
the urn has it all,
I have kept everything in it,
My pains and sorrows,
No, I have nothing else to give you ,
You have had my shares of pleasure,
Now have my share of pain and sorrows too,

……from you beloved
And thank you.

This is just a imaginary writing..having no link to my personal life.

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