Thursday, May 12, 2011

Magnolia, me and the broken stream.

The magnolia stopped talking to me

can you believe it

he has stopped talking

reasons...well not known

with drooped head

he only sighs

a sunken heart and his branches

fall on the broken stream.

There's a rumour

that he is in love

the broken stream sings

sad romantic songs for him

Oh! what a love

what about me

nothing much

I only watch

these days I am much of observer

it's better not to comment

for first I have lost my nose ring

and now i have lost myself

does the magnolia care


but he is sad for I am lost in the woods

and butterflies circle around me

and he sighs...

and the broken stream sings

some sad love songs

they are in love

that's the last thing

that I have heard.