Monday, March 19, 2012

Blame it on the glass of wine

You and me

a couple,



seperate individuals

a gap.

The fragile glass of wine

a bigger space

time factor

a random race

and the a seperation.

you, a recluse

I, a recluse

friends comfort

party, drinks, smoke in the air

jargons of thoughts.

You found a way

I too found a way

the end of the story

roads never meet.

You die

I die

hopefully both in Heaven

and we meet.

Thundesr, lightnings

now the question is

are we going to fall for it again?

angels are confused

so are we

However,dear Lord wants

some PEACE.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The crust and the molten layers

Am not yet ready.

Ready to hear your rumblings and grumbling.

I cease to be a part of your world.

Let me be the loner for a while.

Let me introspect, divulge in the fathomless borders of human mind.

I don’t know who you are.

What is your relation with me?

For me you are just like any other person I have not known

and for the moment I don’t want to know.

Oh! So you are angry.

But I can’t help that. Can I?

You call me selfish. Suit yourself.

I will be gone now for a while.

Where? Don’t ask me that.

Somewhere in between the conscious

and sub-conscious world I hope.

Am I dreaming?

Am I sleeping?

Hell1 I know not.

Let there be cryptic formations of desire,

Unruly lust for temperamental seduction,

Quest for knowledge,

Let there be me and the unknown truth that

lies beneath surrender of human soul.