Friday, November 18, 2011

it's just a phase.

Mirror mirror

Do I look different today?

Are there any fine lines?

Are there any crow’s feet?

The mirror just smiled today


This never happens

The mirror always has an answer.

Today is a special day

Twenty-nine years eleven months

and twenty nine days

that’s my age.

Hours, minutes and seconds

Doesn’t count

The day is normal

Yet so different

Turning thirty is okay

I thought

Last week my friend

Said, “life begins at thirty”



I know

And the spending takes a different turn too

Confused and half minded today

I celebrate that last day

But the world doesn’t end

I am the same me

And you are the same you

Won’t you be?

Then there is



And so many other products…

What do you say?


Oh common

I tend to keep them.