Thursday, October 23, 2008

ode to the modern day women

early morning,
recession in mind,
lethargic body,
bulging tummy,
morning walks,
low fat breakfast,
husband's lunch and
son's tiffin,
all packed on time,
getting ready for office,
fumbling keys,
running after the bus,
just on time at office,
lots of work,
shouting boss,
a hard day,
skipping lunch,
evening time,
back home,
son's homework,
kitchen work,
hungry husband,
yawning face,
at last dinner,
no time for love,
morosed husband,
a scene of depression,
at last sleep,

morning arrives too soon,
a new day,
an old life,
and that's called life.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


you ask me questions,
I give you answers,
you ask me more questions,
I give you more answers,
just dont ask me,
what's true or what's false
all I know
to make a round,
I go round and round,
only to fall around,
for I am inbetween illusion,
and illusionary realism................................


Under the spell of a drink,
he did plant a kiss,
and sucked the honey,
from the venomous rose,
his lips did swell
out of pain,
as blood oozed out slowly
from the veins,
as he glanced at those colourful eyes,
the glance did change to a fright,
for he saw the devil in her eyes,
with a smile she did turn,
mesmerising all at a chance,
she mixed charm with grace,
so none survived from the gaze,
he knew he belonged to the same race,
he merely laughed at his own folly,
as he awaited his death...
and she slowly walked away to another mate...

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am powerless

he asked for a rose,
all I gave him were thorns(in abundance)
he asked for freedom
and I put him into the bars of life,
he asked for dreams
I showed him paths of reality,
he asked for a mouthful of blue sky,
all I had was dark grey clouds to give,
he called for the music of springs,
I had those of cold winters,
he asked for a moment glory,
I gave him impending doom,
at last he asked for a plateful of food
to keep him alive,
to face all that I had given him,
I had given a burning hunger forever,

he didn't ask for anything else anymore,
he just said' don't call yourself God from now on'........