Friday, October 3, 2008

I am powerless

he asked for a rose,
all I gave him were thorns(in abundance)
he asked for freedom
and I put him into the bars of life,
he asked for dreams
I showed him paths of reality,
he asked for a mouthful of blue sky,
all I had was dark grey clouds to give,
he called for the music of springs,
I had those of cold winters,
he asked for a moment glory,
I gave him impending doom,
at last he asked for a plateful of food
to keep him alive,
to face all that I had given him,
I had given a burning hunger forever,

he didn't ask for anything else anymore,
he just said' don't call yourself God from now on'........


eby's chest said...

dont call urself god.... wow....


priya said...

jus awesome.........