Tuesday, September 30, 2008

today I am very happy,
I am going to be married in the evening,
the whole house is full of relatives and friends,
there! I hear rolls of laughter,

must be somebody cracked a joke somewhere,

the haldi would start soon,

I have mehendi on my hands,
the colour has become quite dark,

all say my husband is going to love me lots,

my eyes are full of dreams,

some known ,some unknown,

we talked till late last night,

the dawn passed in a dreamy way,

ah! my mother is here,

with a plate full of sweets,
she has been quite busy today,

after all it's a her only daughter's marraige day,
she placed a kiss on my forehead,

a tear sparkled at the corner of her left eye,

I see it too,
but am too busy to chat with my friends,
dad is in a hurry,
looking after all the last moment things,

he is the 'father' of the bride,
my heart just sank,
to see dad's face,
my dad! my good old dad,

I am taking away his most precious possession,

you know what?

thats me,

with dreams in my eyes and hopes in my heart,
I will go, shedding the last tears for the day,
remembering my old days,
my rides on my dad's back,

mom running after me with a plate of food,

while I was getting late for school.....

I am going to build some new memories
but my parents,
all they are left with old ones to relish....
may be one day I will have a daughter too...

may be then,

I will understand,
what they feel today.

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Shounak said...

Wonderful and much matiored writtng than earlier.