Wednesday, September 17, 2008

only you ,and for all

move I,
from one hand to another,
drooling eyes,
loving gestures,
all follow me,
as I sweep around,
they love me,
I know,
but i care none,
I have lovers all around,
call me proud,
I don't mind,
for I know,
I am one,
there's a question mark,
thats you to decide,
lovers find solace in me,
drifted become stagnant,
but not homebound,
wives envy me,
curse me,
I only laugh,
its not my fault
you know,
I don't choose them,
they do,
love me,
hate me,
curse me,
but I will
always be there,
for you,
only you,
and for all...........

various images can crop up while reading this poem,but it is only about a glass of scotch...

1 comment:

Miss Ilashree Goswami said...

aah! Just a glass of scotch..... wheew!!

Wonderful read again Philo..... :)