Tuesday, September 16, 2008


by the shore
stood I alone,
facing the sea,
the languid air
gave me company,
langouring my effort
to move back,
the waves rushed on to
my feet,
taking away the sand
I was loosing earth,
as if foretelling
I didn't belong to it anymore,
the dark clouds hovering around,
and it was destined to rain,
i heard a call,
slowly i moved towards the sea,
by its beauty,
as it slowly gulped
bits of me,
I felt
merging myself to the sea,
living back memories,
I belonged to the sea.

and on earth
it started raining...............

1 comment:

Miss Ilashree Goswami said...

hey, this one seems my favourite.

I love the abstract yet so simple images you've created.....

The last line holds the world, what a beautiful uasage of the pun,.....

'and on Erath it started raining'......