Thursday, September 18, 2008


i run across the field,
you after me trying to catch up with my run,
i don't come at hand easily,
the wind is my friend,
it rustles through the leaves,
and creates a tune to muse,
the stream flows in a rhythm too,
the clouds float across the moon,
they accompany our game of hide and seek,
and then you catch me,
under the moonlight your face glows,
a glow of longing,
a sparkle in your eyes,
as if i am born on those eyes,
you murmur my name,
as i move closer,
our lips meet,
creating a heaven of our own,

as the night of ecstasy moves on.......


Anonymous said...

mild sensual poetry at its best..

eby's chest said...

ed my come i hav'nt read this b'fore...?.