Tuesday, September 30, 2008

today I am very happy,
I am going to be married in the evening,
the whole house is full of relatives and friends,
there! I hear rolls of laughter,

must be somebody cracked a joke somewhere,

the haldi would start soon,

I have mehendi on my hands,
the colour has become quite dark,

all say my husband is going to love me lots,

my eyes are full of dreams,

some known ,some unknown,

we talked till late last night,

the dawn passed in a dreamy way,

ah! my mother is here,

with a plate full of sweets,
she has been quite busy today,

after all it's a her only daughter's marraige day,
she placed a kiss on my forehead,

a tear sparkled at the corner of her left eye,

I see it too,
but am too busy to chat with my friends,
dad is in a hurry,
looking after all the last moment things,

he is the 'father' of the bride,
my heart just sank,
to see dad's face,
my dad! my good old dad,

I am taking away his most precious possession,

you know what?

thats me,

with dreams in my eyes and hopes in my heart,
I will go, shedding the last tears for the day,
remembering my old days,
my rides on my dad's back,

mom running after me with a plate of food,

while I was getting late for school.....

I am going to build some new memories
but my parents,
all they are left with old ones to relish....
may be one day I will have a daughter too...

may be then,

I will understand,
what they feel today.

momentary realization

last night as I walked
on the footpath of my dreams,
I saw a child crying of hunger,
a mother's eye full of despair,
an old woman lie dying,
a boy gazing at the sky,
in hope,
a girl's longing
for a bright new frock,
which she knew
her poor father couldn't afford,
and my eyes opened
at the sound of the alarm clock.

with i jolt I sat down on my bed,
and thought,
about the half drank milk
I leave everyday,
the money I squander
on my over filled wardrobe,
the parties i attend every week,
the food they throw on the street,
are they worth it?

what's the value of my life,
if I cant do something worthwhile...
with such a thought I sat down thinking...
I craved for the child's full stomach,
her mother's smile,
the old woman's recovery,
the boy's hope to be fulfilled,
the girl's happy face......

but I know
I would forget,
and join the party,
that's supposed to be on the next day
the realization is momentary
for deep inside I know
I am dead to the core............

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A moment of hope

and it goes like this,
the songs of autumn fade
giving rise to winter winds,
not like the cool breezy
monsoon winds,
but cold chilly ones,
the birds migrated long ago,
to warmer lands,
guess they are afraid
to face the truth,
the tress are bare,
for they are saving
the last drops of water,
only I am left
with a white face,
shrinking body,
but an awakened mind,
migrating nowhere,
not hibernating,
not even saving,
for I have nothing,
waiting for you,
counting every moment,
bearing the chill,
not for death,
I am too optimistic,
for that,
but for you
my dear spring.

Friday, September 19, 2008

a mere pawn

the woman walks with a child in her arms,
from door to door begging for alms,
or on some other day,
on a busy road,
at the traffic signals,
the baby sleeps soundly clinging to the mother's arms,
then again sometimes she sits on the footpath,
the sleeping child lying carelessly ,
a milk bottle toppled down,
flies all around,
the woman shabbily dressed,
with flesh showing from here and there,
passers by oogling through,
the woman begs in the name of the child,
fast asleep the child knows none,
drugged he is,

drugged everyday by pills,
so that he doesnt cry,
nor ask for food,
who is this mother?
is she the mother who lulls?
the mother who sings sweet notes,
to the child's ears,
and who is this child?
does she belong to her,
or the child is a mere pawn for drawing sympathy,
bought for a few pieces of paper,
from another mother,
will the child ever have childhood like you and I?
a simple question arises,
or is it simple at all?..........

Thursday, September 18, 2008

where does innocence lie?

licking a lollipop the child moved,
unaware of everything,
unaware of the poisoning around,

of the bruises and the cuts she had everyday,
little did she knew,
she had been a prey to sadistic men,
who used a bait, a bait of toffees everyday,
men whom she called uncles,
she saw her mother crying,

her dad's grave face,
as she limped around
licking her lollipop,
she wondered,
what was the cry for,
awe-eyed she looked around,

as known faces slowly became strangers,

for her friends were no more friends,
now that she played alone,

but she knew she had her toffees,

and she limped around.....

mother to you...........

As i walk through the sand,
gravels prick my feet,

and it hurts but the pain is less
than the one
that you have given me.

I know the blue bells still smiles,
and the roses still feel the same,
the tulips still dance,
and i still miss thee.

The warmth of your hand,
the kind smile,
the touch you made,
the care you have taken, will no longer be.

Mother!why did you have to go?
i miss thee the pain is unbearable,
the fond memories are the solace
for they are still there,

only you are no more........

it's difficult to hold back

is it so easy to go back,
to the place,
we have started from ,
is it so easy to forgive and forget,

and start everything afresh,

what you would have done, if you are in my place,
i have no words for you,

my heart doesn't give me a call,

i am clueless of the surroundings,

i don't know
it was whose fault,
all i know i can't go back,

for the end is near,

i have lead my lifetime,

i have nothing more to give you
my life,
i am a property of death now,

anytime he would be here,
anytime now...........


i run across the field,
you after me trying to catch up with my run,
i don't come at hand easily,
the wind is my friend,
it rustles through the leaves,
and creates a tune to muse,
the stream flows in a rhythm too,
the clouds float across the moon,
they accompany our game of hide and seek,
and then you catch me,
under the moonlight your face glows,
a glow of longing,
a sparkle in your eyes,
as if i am born on those eyes,
you murmur my name,
as i move closer,
our lips meet,
creating a heaven of our own,

as the night of ecstasy moves on.......

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Lily

a poem that inspired many a writes of mine is"the lily"written by my dear friend abhishek...this poem is a personal favourite of mine.So enjoy the read.

A soul sits white as death,
In the midst of a tear,
With solitude it did bathe,
Like a man, who lost his dear.

Perhaps its soul and heart wept,
Or they sang the songs of love,
Perhaps its eyes never slept,
Under the moon shining up above.

Beneath the cool singing breeze,

It lies still as a dead leaf,
Yet my heart gets joy and peace,
So o lily, please do forgive.

But o lily teach how can I learn,
For my mind drinks what I see,
As your loneliness always gets burned,

In your own grave of beauty.

only you ,and for all

move I,
from one hand to another,
drooling eyes,
loving gestures,
all follow me,
as I sweep around,
they love me,
I know,
but i care none,
I have lovers all around,
call me proud,
I don't mind,
for I know,
I am one,
there's a question mark,
thats you to decide,
lovers find solace in me,
drifted become stagnant,
but not homebound,
wives envy me,
curse me,
I only laugh,
its not my fault
you know,
I don't choose them,
they do,
love me,
hate me,
curse me,
but I will
always be there,
for you,
only you,
and for all...........

various images can crop up while reading this poem,but it is only about a glass of scotch...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


by the shore
stood I alone,
facing the sea,
the languid air
gave me company,
langouring my effort
to move back,
the waves rushed on to
my feet,
taking away the sand
I was loosing earth,
as if foretelling
I didn't belong to it anymore,
the dark clouds hovering around,
and it was destined to rain,
i heard a call,
slowly i moved towards the sea,
by its beauty,
as it slowly gulped
bits of me,
I felt
merging myself to the sea,
living back memories,
I belonged to the sea.

and on earth
it started raining...............

the lights flickered in the water,
as the reflection of the bridge moved
by the ripples,
a full moon,
the cool breeze,
the ghat,
the intoxicated me
by its beauty,
lovers:hand in hand stroll,
the call of the hawkers,
the smell of "pawbhaji",
the taste of "puchkas",
the boats ,
the lanterns,
the buoy,
as i took a boat ride,
along with my friends,
Abhi, Shouvick, and I,
Abhi:my best friend,
Shouvick:a friend lost,
and all of us contemplating life,
our deeds,
our misdeeds,
our past,
our desperations,
our desires,
our hopes,
to find life
amidst lives,
the hoax in us
all shredded,
only for the time being,
you was you,
I was I,

the evening ended,
we towards our home,
back to the disguised
you and I,
back to our world of disguise.

ode to a molar

a tooth:a molar,
once shining as a pearl,
milky white,
flashed like a lightning
in a dark night,
uprooting a milk tooth
it was born,
surveying over the dentine region,
like a monarch,
full of youth,
crushing ,

then one day,
a germ attacked,
it took no notice,
undermined the other's worth,
the germ gradually proceeded,
the decay started,
slowly poisoning the root,
it was being eaten,
and a severe pain,
which no painkiller could soothe,

now it's a carious tooth,
suffering with swollen gums,
in its death bed,
waiting to be uprooted,
to lie in the dentist's tray.
an early demise,
for they say:
pride comes before fall.