Sunday, December 7, 2008

for the love of life

let me live for the day
I shout,
'wait', they say,
and I stand in the queue,
there are thousands before me
and thousands after,
all waiting for just a little life,
amazed and aghast
I stand,
waiting to live for the day,
with patience and penance,
then starts a rush,
turning to a fight,
as they announce,
there are few seats for life,
I join in the fight,
for I am no different from others,
some fall like fallen angels,
to suffer more,
there are cries,
cries all around,
I too fall yet to rise again,
I cheat,
for all is fair in love and war,
you can call this to be love,
love for life,
you can call this war,
war for the love for life,
now all is up to you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

does time heal

the coffee mug just broke,
Is mimo the one to blame,
no, I dont think so
who's mimo,
well he is just a cat,
well, it must be my callous mind then,
always indulged in something
or the other,
that's what my mama would have said,
but the coffee mug is broken,
does it matters how,
I will join the the pieces,
with fixit ofcourse,
and I know it will be fixed,
a scar,
of course it will remain,
no, there's no remedy to that,
does time heal all?