Thursday, June 24, 2010

a new life

wondering how it was to write
long verses
filled with love and happiness,
and sometimes with deep pain
and sorrow,
today I have none with me,
the tears that once filled my eyes
when I used to be sad
are somewhere down in the grave,
even after long hours of digging
you won't find a droplet.
the happy chuckle is somewhere lost
deep in the woods.

whether love left me or I left love
I don't know
but believe me I tried
to be by its side all the time.

roads have diverged and
then met at a point,
misleading me all the while,
for every time I took the wrong path.
I am aimless now
just loitering in the unknown roads,
may be to find a new meaning of life,
may be a new life.