Thursday, January 29, 2009

irony of fate

one fine afternoon,
after a hearty meal,
i stopped by the mall,
just to window shop,
then from nowhere came a sound,
a weird
'gr,gr, groom'
around I looked to find
what was it all about,
It was she,
who made the sound,
for she spotted a pizza
in the parlour ,
big and round,
and pulled me inside
as she growled,
seeing her tantrums
I gave in,
finding a comfortable seat,
she asked me in,
just to place the order,
a fiery chicken pizza
with ringo garlic base
with extra cheese and crunchy chicken,
along with it came coke and garlic breads,
she digged in the food
licking her lips,
chewing, crushing in between.

the next morning things happened
as it was supposed to be,
the night was stormy,
though the day was bright,
and that day lightning struck twice,
she spent the night and the next morn
in the loo,
and along with her,
I suffered too.

afterwards a doctor had to be called in,
he prescribed total bed rest
and a diet regime,
I always heard regimes were for work outs,
but then I knew it was for diet too.

the next few day she laid in bed,
with all sorts of aches and pain,
along with her I too, took some rest,
the Sunday party was missed,
and broken hearted I laid,
the pillow my tears softly kissed.

in the end I must say,
I wished! how I wished,
you would sometimes listen to me,
my stupid, stupid stomach,
it was all your fault,
did you know,
how much
I suffered 'cause of thee???

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a pinch of hope

as the moon sinks down
to give rise to an early dawn,
the stars fade in
to spread a new light.

the early birds leave their nests
and fly in search of new goals,
the languid air strolls,
and the river flows
with new dreams to provoke.

then from nowhere dark clouds arrive
with hail, rain and storm,
and covers the golden glow,
yet, the early birds fly
with missions in their minds,
and hopes in their hearts,
to beak through all.

piercing through the clouds
they fly with undaunted spirits,
making way for
the golden chariot to run
to rekindle the fire,
to relight the glow,
and with a galore of dreams to follow..............

Monday, January 19, 2009

Confessions of a heavy heart

yesterday I happened to attend a party which a friend of mine threw in order to celebrate his last few days of bachelorhood.Every arrangement was near to perfect, there was more than ample food, drinks and things that was needed for a dry smoke.
Vikram (name changed)picked me up from near my house,Shounak(name changed) another friend was already in the car along with Ketan(name changed). it was Ketan's party. Abhirup(name changed)was supposed to meet up at the place where the party was arranged. Other than him swagata(name changed) and bimal(name changed) joined in.
And the party started.
The music was loud and all of us danced to the beats.and the fluids flowed along with smoke.There was a time when none of us was in our senses.
And things happened as it was not supposed to. One of us started abusing, and one slept like a log,Ketan was drunk but some what in his senses and so was I thank God for letting them stay in senses.
I spent the rest of the afternoon in the toilet , throwing up. The drinks and smoke did their part well.My nervous system stopped working.
I left for my house around five that evening. The whole way to my house I slept. Somehow I managed to reach home.
And straight away headed my bed only just to get up for my dinner.
Abhishek, my fiance grumbled and was quite disturbed with my behaviour and irresponsibilty and how I let him down.
Later in the evening, I had a fight with my friend abhirup, for showing him disrespect, according to him I kicked him hard many a times and which I faintly remembered.Hearing this I was ashamed and genuinely asked for forgiveness, which however, which was not ready to oblidge. I don't blame him for that.
I spent the whole night in uneasiness,my soul tormented me and how I let down everyone under the effects of booze and drugs.
Today morning I woke up with an heavy head and heavier heart.
I truely understood the effects of hard drinks and drugs and how things can take a cruel turn..It can change a normal human being in an animal as the person indulged in it loses the sense of time, place, agent and worst of all loses his morality and sense of dignity and decorum.So I take an oath from to today to refrain from such things that makes me an animal.
And from this day I say I quit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life's a satire

how much I love them,
flowers! of course yes,
I love them,
a bouquet of lilies
to be exact,
white ones, mark it,
oh! how much i love them,
that sounds so middle class,
i know, i know,
I belong tothat class too,
no harm in camourflage,
no harm in such shows.

I used to love chocolates once,
now a strict no, no,
maintaining my my figure,
you see,the fat would do me harm,
and won't help me in my skin show,
Oh!yes, my zero size figure,
ies't it amazing
hush! hush!
that's a lie
badmouthers you know,
it's the power of yoga and regular diet,
of course i maintain it,
anorexic-damn that word
people love me this way,,
oh! yes, yes, my fans,
how can I forget them,
I love them all,
muah, muah,
they have made mewhat I am.

being what I am is hard,
being myself is harder,
so I don't try to be myself anymore,
maintainance costs a lot
there's a cut everywhere,
recession creeps into all,
and look at me,
I can't take tensions,
oh! how much I hate them,
it will ruin my skin,
fines lines will appear,
iI just can't afford that.

poor me,
poor, poor me,
my price has gone down,
no matter, how much I shed my clothes,
damn this recession
you know.

life's nothing but a satire...
only if I could break through.