Thursday, January 29, 2009

irony of fate

one fine afternoon,
after a hearty meal,
i stopped by the mall,
just to window shop,
then from nowhere came a sound,
a weird
'gr,gr, groom'
around I looked to find
what was it all about,
It was she,
who made the sound,
for she spotted a pizza
in the parlour ,
big and round,
and pulled me inside
as she growled,
seeing her tantrums
I gave in,
finding a comfortable seat,
she asked me in,
just to place the order,
a fiery chicken pizza
with ringo garlic base
with extra cheese and crunchy chicken,
along with it came coke and garlic breads,
she digged in the food
licking her lips,
chewing, crushing in between.

the next morning things happened
as it was supposed to be,
the night was stormy,
though the day was bright,
and that day lightning struck twice,
she spent the night and the next morn
in the loo,
and along with her,
I suffered too.

afterwards a doctor had to be called in,
he prescribed total bed rest
and a diet regime,
I always heard regimes were for work outs,
but then I knew it was for diet too.

the next few day she laid in bed,
with all sorts of aches and pain,
along with her I too, took some rest,
the Sunday party was missed,
and broken hearted I laid,
the pillow my tears softly kissed.

in the end I must say,
I wished! how I wished,
you would sometimes listen to me,
my stupid, stupid stomach,
it was all your fault,
did you know,
how much
I suffered 'cause of thee???


wasted said...

i really wish to understand this...

shock said...

katobar bolechi ato khash na ato khashna, bhuri hoye jabe, shunbi na to...ann nayway it is precisely for such evenualities that we need commodes and good lighting inside the loo, to spend quality time :-)

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

Tui e Orkut e tor khaon daon er pic lagiyechili na? Tokhon e bujhechilam je kono na kono ekdin gondogol hobei, r thik tai. BTW nice strain of thoughts, LOL :P


@ wasted
i wish i could understand what i's just my love for food.
bhalo idea tah....
oti lobhe tati dobe bhujle...amaro tayi hoyeche....tor amar shikkha ekhono hoyeni.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

Amar sikha hole to biriyani r doakngulor babsha late uthbe, ami ki etogulo loker kotha chinta na kore thakte pari :)

Kaber Vasuki said...

Er. its funny. though not very.