Tuesday, February 3, 2009

gone are the days

gone are the days
when i rode free on clouds
indulged in some bubble thought,
sometimes glancing at the rising sun.

gone are the days
when rain fell on a lotus leaf
and i captured the moment
in my memory.

gone are the days
when birds twittered,
and i by the window sill,
listened to their songs of love.

gone are the days,
when on a starry night,
the owl hooted
and my heart raced for the unknown.

gone are the days
when the full moon rose on the mountain top,
adorned by a garland of clouds,
and i hummed a tune,

gone are the days
when the little boy played his flute
at midnight, when all were fast asleep,
and i remained bemused by his muse.

now i dwell
among bricks and rocks,
where all is but concrete,
all i hear are horns of cars,
and i want to scream
in the acid rain,
which try to fade my memory.

i moved away,
away from my home,
the bubble thoughts,
the sunshine,
the rain,
the starry night,
the moon,
the flute,
the muse,
and now i live alone,
alone in the crowd.

alas! gone are the days.....

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