Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the sky and the moon

the night was sombre,
the full moon was up high,
and the clouds floated
adorning the moon and the sky,
a thought came to my mind:
who was more beautiful that night?
was it the moon or the sky?

the moon laughed and said,
'of course it was I,'
the sky made a face and said,
' how could it be so
you shone with borrowed light'
the moon argued,
'but you remained dark without me
all through the night.
the stars were quite,
the clouds bore witness to the fight.

days passed in silence,
the moon was angry with the sky,
nor was the sky going to oblige,
their love was lost,
so was their harmony,
the stars were sad,
the clouds floated aimlessly,
the moon changed it's form
with each passing day,
and then came the night
when everything appeared dark,
the moon had forgotten to rise,
for it was new moon's day.

the sky missed the moon,
the moon missed it too,
but the sun came in the way,
then the clouds spoke aloud,
'the fight was useless,
why did you fight in the first place,
the sky was nothing without the moon,
the moon always had to shine on the sky,
they were made for each other
from the first day.'

the fight came to an end,
slowly the moon rose the next day,
and after fourteen days
came again the full moon day,
the stars twinkled happily,
the clouds were happy too,
the moon shone brightly in between them.

the night was sombre,
the full moon was up high
the clouds floated
adorning the sky and the moon
seeing their ethereal harmony,
all thoughts ceased to exist........


shock said...

nice poem

The Incarnation said...

One of the most original works I have come across in the recent times. The poem unfolds brilliantly, and gradually, without hurrying at any point and without losing its charm.
To say anything more than this would mean forgetting my own ignorance when it comes to poems and attempting to pass judgmental remarks despite not being qualified enough to do so.
From a layman's point of view: I enjoyed reading it immensely.


thanks biswhak
and to you too pradeep.

veer said...

Cheers ! wonderful work..appreciate it..
beauty of the poem lies in the simplicity and meaning it holds..conveys the poet's mind to perceive a truth from the existing truth..possibly we forge our thoughts in what we believe..

Thank u for ur comments in my blog..i appreciate ur angle in which you saw..thank u.veerabahu