Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As you look for me

in the unkempt bed,

I laugh, for you will never find me,

I am dead,

what lies there is a living corpse

(a harsh word indeed)

but aren't you always

harsh to me,

your lust unfolds

to find my desires

and I am satisfied

with a never satiated inner being.

love got lost in lust

lust got lost in love

where I stand

I know not

sometimes somethings

should be left unknown

for now and always...

and you are forgiven

Blow me up

a feeling is there

and there are no words to display

and I suffocate among innumerable words

let me breathe for a while

after that am all yours

entangle me and kill me

by your sheer whispering words

of love.

To Nayantara

I wrote in a pensive mood

of bees, flowers and the

insane me.

I wrote about rainbows

and the misty mountains

and the promises he made during

the monsoon rains.

I wrote about floods

and the soaked heart

and the overflowing witty river.

I wrote about lovers and

their lovelorn hearts,

about you, them

and people lost in translation.

And then I got lost in

the jungle

of bitter phrases

Nayantara, come help me find a better way..