Friday, July 30, 2010

Far Apart

as we walked in the rain
as the droplets pierced us
I felt you again and again
as if we made love

the droplets cleaned us
yet we melted into the fathoms
of unknown longing
silence covered us
for we spoke with our eyes

sometimes hand in hand we walked
when nobody saw,
sometimes far apart
to keep away from stranger's eyes

love brought us together
but it is only for love
we walked on the opposite sides
as we reached our destined places

yet it is destiny that has brought
us together
will bind us in our bonds of
words, tears,flesh, blood and emotions
and we meet again and again
to part
for we are for each other
always and never
for we must stay far apart...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


it's that time of the hour
and i head home
it's going late
and dark
am a little tired
homeward I run
only to find myself lost
there's another road which leads
to you
I turn back
and reached the point I
started from.

I neither belong to my home
nor to you now
it's time
I set myself free...

the old oak room at Dehra

It was an old oak room in Dehra
a room with a fireside
'simmering on a slow burning fire
in our dance within a burning room'
we get burned in our pleasures
as everything around us got burnt.

the wine glasses laid as it was
as we drank from our eyes
were we drunk it's hard to tell
for the love we had
and the lust we displayed
our bodies glowed from
the light of the fireside
as it rained outside
it rained in our hearts too.

time stood there
motionless it was
there was no past, present or future.

I stop here too
as the oak room in Dehra doesn't exist
it is but just a dream
a dream that I sometimes live...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


he came into my life
as morning fresh air
as dew drops on grass green
oh! unlucky me
I could not fly
nor feel
my wings are clipped
my feet chained...

then he sang the song of
'unchained melody of freedom'
I was set free...

the songs of our freedom shall be
sung in our hearts
for we are forever
bound by the ties that bind

shall we name it love

Monday, July 12, 2010

to write a love poem

With shutters half closed

And half awake

I see the dim table lamp

far away slowly fading

and I think of love

and senses loosen up…

Words fly and dance like fireflies

around my head

and jump like grasshoppers in my mind…

Today I thought

I will write a love poem: a happy one

‘Where boy meets the girl

falls in love

and then live happily ever after’

But sadly it’s 3 am

even an insomniac needs some rest

a long yawn

it’s time to head the bed.

The finale:

So you see

I will meet you some other day

Some other time

May be

With a half eaten (dark) chocolate

With molten caramel inside

The flavour: I will leave for you to decide.

Friday, July 9, 2010

some dopey thoughts


I thought I would write a poem

On the luggage bags that laid

On the top of the cupboard

the way typical middle class people keep

I don’t complain

I am just one of them,

Then I thought why not write about

the cupboard itself

then I remembered the other things

in the room

the desk, the chair,

the books (that mostly lay here and there)

and of course my favourite bed.

But poor me



Especially the poetic ones

And non rhythmic.

At last I wrote

About nothing

With earphones plugged to my ears

I lay upside down

With the pen

Caught between my lips

In deep intellectual thought

I jotted down some lines

What I thought was poetry

And then laughed aloud


I am yet to know

As of you

Think them as erratic feelings

of a highly doped mind

silence and the night

It’s one o clock by the clock at night

And quietly I lie on the bed

The bed: a big part of my life

Off course I am a sleepy head

But there is more to it

It gives me company,

Bears witness to my cravings, desire

my pains my happiness.

And now it’s one o clock by the wall clock

And silence prevail

A strange silence

The street dogs don’t even bark

They must have had a long day


Well silence has a sound of its own

have you ever heard it?

I have heard

And I hear quietly lying

on my beloved bed.

The window doesn’t blow today,

The chime doesn’t swing

No it’s not hot,

But humid,

A tear drop accumulates

And then stays at the corner of the eye

Else it breaks the silence



I am at eternal peace

Wide awake

“sleeping pills” doesn’t work anymore

for it’s the night I enjoy more

and slowly and slowly

the night will pass

the sun will rise from the east

the crows will leave their nest

and together will the night and I

would take some rest…

Monday, July 5, 2010

Notes from the diary

It’s 4 am in the morning
He has left for the airport
No, I have not gone to
see him off
I hate airports
Weird place I must say
Some meet, some part their ways
A commotion of emotional people.

Now I lay awake on the bed
The street lights peep in
through the window and falls
straight on my face,
the room is filled with a
mixture of sad tones
and the smell of last night’s love making
and there is I

the last few days were bad
there was a constant fight between the heart
and the mind
nevertheless the mind won
city life you see
the city changes all
and we just run along with it
and then there is my poor heart
it lies somewhere in the corner of
my half lit room
hidden from all
while my mind prevail and rule
over it’s newly gained monarchy.

Friday, July 2, 2010


‘It is only a month dear’

He said

‘Time will fly away in the flash

Of the eye’

I smiled at him


It is only a month

Oh! Yes,

Only a month

Then I thought of the days

Of the hours,

Of the minutes,

And the seconds

And then of love

And of pain.

‘Funny it is only a month

And time will fly in the flash of the eye’

I said aloud

And then kept quite

He went on talking

About things I could do

Read, write poetry,

Watch movies

And so on and so forth…

His words were

Like a buzzing sound

Entering through the ear

Going straight to the mind



He is in his so called

Practical world

And I

I am an illusionist

Living in my own world

Of love


In the days, hours, minutes and seconds…

And then there is time,

that flies away in the flash of the eye..