Monday, July 5, 2010

Notes from the diary

It’s 4 am in the morning
He has left for the airport
No, I have not gone to
see him off
I hate airports
Weird place I must say
Some meet, some part their ways
A commotion of emotional people.

Now I lay awake on the bed
The street lights peep in
through the window and falls
straight on my face,
the room is filled with a
mixture of sad tones
and the smell of last night’s love making
and there is I

the last few days were bad
there was a constant fight between the heart
and the mind
nevertheless the mind won
city life you see
the city changes all
and we just run along with it
and then there is my poor heart
it lies somewhere in the corner of
my half lit room
hidden from all
while my mind prevail and rule
over it’s newly gained monarchy.

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