Friday, July 30, 2010

Far Apart

as we walked in the rain
as the droplets pierced us
I felt you again and again
as if we made love

the droplets cleaned us
yet we melted into the fathoms
of unknown longing
silence covered us
for we spoke with our eyes

sometimes hand in hand we walked
when nobody saw,
sometimes far apart
to keep away from stranger's eyes

love brought us together
but it is only for love
we walked on the opposite sides
as we reached our destined places

yet it is destiny that has brought
us together
will bind us in our bonds of
words, tears,flesh, blood and emotions
and we meet again and again
to part
for we are for each other
always and never
for we must stay far apart...

1 comment:

Amiya chatterjee said...

Sensual....Really sensual but with a bit of restrictions .