Friday, July 2, 2010


‘It is only a month dear’

He said

‘Time will fly away in the flash

Of the eye’

I smiled at him


It is only a month

Oh! Yes,

Only a month

Then I thought of the days

Of the hours,

Of the minutes,

And the seconds

And then of love

And of pain.

‘Funny it is only a month

And time will fly in the flash of the eye’

I said aloud

And then kept quite

He went on talking

About things I could do

Read, write poetry,

Watch movies

And so on and so forth…

His words were

Like a buzzing sound

Entering through the ear

Going straight to the mind



He is in his so called

Practical world

And I

I am an illusionist

Living in my own world

Of love


In the days, hours, minutes and seconds…

And then there is time,

that flies away in the flash of the eye..

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