Friday, July 9, 2010

silence and the night

It’s one o clock by the clock at night

And quietly I lie on the bed

The bed: a big part of my life

Off course I am a sleepy head

But there is more to it

It gives me company,

Bears witness to my cravings, desire

my pains my happiness.

And now it’s one o clock by the wall clock

And silence prevail

A strange silence

The street dogs don’t even bark

They must have had a long day


Well silence has a sound of its own

have you ever heard it?

I have heard

And I hear quietly lying

on my beloved bed.

The window doesn’t blow today,

The chime doesn’t swing

No it’s not hot,

But humid,

A tear drop accumulates

And then stays at the corner of the eye

Else it breaks the silence



I am at eternal peace

Wide awake

“sleeping pills” doesn’t work anymore

for it’s the night I enjoy more

and slowly and slowly

the night will pass

the sun will rise from the east

the crows will leave their nest

and together will the night and I

would take some rest…

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