Monday, July 12, 2010

to write a love poem

With shutters half closed

And half awake

I see the dim table lamp

far away slowly fading

and I think of love

and senses loosen up…

Words fly and dance like fireflies

around my head

and jump like grasshoppers in my mind…

Today I thought

I will write a love poem: a happy one

‘Where boy meets the girl

falls in love

and then live happily ever after’

But sadly it’s 3 am

even an insomniac needs some rest

a long yawn

it’s time to head the bed.

The finale:

So you see

I will meet you some other day

Some other time

May be

With a half eaten (dark) chocolate

With molten caramel inside

The flavour: I will leave for you to decide.

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