Thursday, July 17, 2008

the wall

i am a wall,
standing erect for age long now,
cant even remember the days
that gone and how,
giving support to the other three
which cease to exist today,
i stand alone all by myself,
i am old,
now weak and broken,
rugged and my skeleton shows,
one day i was young,
full of glories and glows,
now there are new walls,
fame come to them,
i am left in a corner
without any repair,
all i want to say,
the new walls would be old once
with rugged skeleton,
they would be just like me,
facing the same neglect ,
i face now,
so hault!
dont be proud of your new colours,
for colours fade soon,
despise me not now,
who knows
what will happen to you and how.

this one was written a year ago..very close to my heart.....