Monday, July 23, 2007

recollections of a troubled mind

my mind tossing over the oceans
trying to find answers
of questions that turmoil the sea
how my mind tosses

my childhood dreams crushed
agony pushed to the limits
still i fight,not giving up to pain
still how my mind tosses

there i stand on the deck,looking over to the sea
the stormy wind blows,the waves rushes in
i fear to fall ,but manages to stand
how my mind tosses looking over to the ocean

the turmoil surpasses all beings
heaven and earth merge into an eternal being
failure is constant all the same
how do i fear to loose the game
thus my mind tosses again and again

my troubled mind producrs poetry
to give relief to recollections
so i name it a bonding of thoughts
which i fail to release

there my mind stops
i see the twilightof hopes far afar the oceans
happy chores would come again
for nothing is constant,so the tossing stops

the sea is calm, the breeze mild
sadness gives place to happiness
urges of wild thoughts come to my mind

the turmoil in the ocean stops
the albatross on the deck
the drug of the lotus eaters
transcends into a dream thats not fake