Friday, September 27, 2013

Home alone and the clouds roared

and it rained and rained
and the clouds roared
with a cracking voice
somewhere afar a glass window shrieked
and I sat on the corner of my bed
covered with a cover
sometimes peeping through
home alone
and scared
my pet sparrow chirped a little 
may be to say
am not the only one
together we waited for the
angry clouds to calm down
the rain has soothed the hot sun a little.

Monday, September 2, 2013


I know you are seeing 
from wherever you are
the face of the demons 
that brutally killed you
I know how your soul is tortured
and the pain you have on your face
they said as he is a juvenile 
he couldn't be given any severe punishment
and three years is all he gets
in a remand home
and then free forever
and then one day he may boast
of the heinous crime he did
how are you feeling Nirbhaya 
are you battered once again? 
are you being killed timelessly again and again?
Don't know about that
but you are definitely beaten to death once again.