Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a game

away, away
i fly
among the clouds
to play
hide and seek with them;
they give me a fright,
with louds thunders,
and bright light,
afterwards they laugh,
a rollicking laugh,
enjoying the game,
but i hate it so
very much
a tear drops
from my eyes,
another feather burnt,
another feather lost,
soon i will turn bald,
my line is thinning,
my skin shows,
oh!poor me,
oh!poor me,
the clouds don't show any mercy,
like a goon
they give me fright
time and again,
yet i play with them,
i fly among clouds,
for my love for soaring heights,
i do fly,
i do fly.

1 comment:

shock said...

this is your best poem till date