Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life's a satire

how much I love them,
flowers! of course yes,
I love them,
a bouquet of lilies
to be exact,
white ones, mark it,
oh! how much i love them,
that sounds so middle class,
i know, i know,
I belong tothat class too,
no harm in camourflage,
no harm in such shows.

I used to love chocolates once,
now a strict no, no,
maintaining my my figure,
you see,the fat would do me harm,
and won't help me in my skin show,
Oh!yes, my zero size figure,
ies't it amazing
hush! hush!
that's a lie
badmouthers you know,
it's the power of yoga and regular diet,
of course i maintain it,
anorexic-damn that word
people love me this way,,
oh! yes, yes, my fans,
how can I forget them,
I love them all,
muah, muah,
they have made mewhat I am.

being what I am is hard,
being myself is harder,
so I don't try to be myself anymore,
maintainance costs a lot
there's a cut everywhere,
recession creeps into all,
and look at me,
I can't take tensions,
oh! how much I hate them,
it will ruin my skin,
fines lines will appear,
iI just can't afford that.

poor me,
poor, poor me,
my price has gone down,
no matter, how much I shed my clothes,
damn this recession
you know.

life's nothing but a satire...
only if I could break through.


shock said...
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shock said...

anekdin por ato bhalo kobita porlam...darun darun....ancient traditions maintain kore je keu akhono HYROGRIPICS e kobita likhche ekhe khub anondo holo