Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the lights flickered in the water,
as the reflection of the bridge moved
by the ripples,
a full moon,
the cool breeze,
the ghat,
the intoxicated me
by its beauty,
lovers:hand in hand stroll,
the call of the hawkers,
the smell of "pawbhaji",
the taste of "puchkas",
the boats ,
the lanterns,
the buoy,
as i took a boat ride,
along with my friends,
Abhi, Shouvick, and I,
Abhi:my best friend,
Shouvick:a friend lost,
and all of us contemplating life,
our deeds,
our misdeeds,
our past,
our desperations,
our desires,
our hopes,
to find life
amidst lives,
the hoax in us
all shredded,
only for the time being,
you was you,
I was I,

the evening ended,
we towards our home,
back to the disguised
you and I,
back to our world of disguise.

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