Tuesday, September 30, 2008

momentary realization

last night as I walked
on the footpath of my dreams,
I saw a child crying of hunger,
a mother's eye full of despair,
an old woman lie dying,
a boy gazing at the sky,
in hope,
a girl's longing
for a bright new frock,
which she knew
her poor father couldn't afford,
and my eyes opened
at the sound of the alarm clock.

with i jolt I sat down on my bed,
and thought,
about the half drank milk
I leave everyday,
the money I squander
on my over filled wardrobe,
the parties i attend every week,
the food they throw on the street,
are they worth it?

what's the value of my life,
if I cant do something worthwhile...
with such a thought I sat down thinking...
I craved for the child's full stomach,
her mother's smile,
the old woman's recovery,
the boy's hope to be fulfilled,
the girl's happy face......

but I know
I would forget,
and join the party,
that's supposed to be on the next day
the realization is momentary
for deep inside I know
I am dead to the core............

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