Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ode to a molar

a tooth:a molar,
once shining as a pearl,
milky white,
flashed like a lightning
in a dark night,
uprooting a milk tooth
it was born,
surveying over the dentine region,
like a monarch,
full of youth,
crushing ,

then one day,
a germ attacked,
it took no notice,
undermined the other's worth,
the germ gradually proceeded,
the decay started,
slowly poisoning the root,
it was being eaten,
and a severe pain,
which no painkiller could soothe,

now it's a carious tooth,
suffering with swollen gums,
in its death bed,
waiting to be uprooted,
to lie in the dentist's tray.
an early demise,
for they say:
pride comes before fall.

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