Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A moment of hope

and it goes like this,
the songs of autumn fade
giving rise to winter winds,
not like the cool breezy
monsoon winds,
but cold chilly ones,
the birds migrated long ago,
to warmer lands,
guess they are afraid
to face the truth,
the tress are bare,
for they are saving
the last drops of water,
only I am left
with a white face,
shrinking body,
but an awakened mind,
migrating nowhere,
not hibernating,
not even saving,
for I have nothing,
waiting for you,
counting every moment,
bearing the chill,
not for death,
I am too optimistic,
for that,
but for you
my dear spring.


Somali said...

Excellent!!I loved this poem and now one of my favourites..how true, when everything dies, only hope lives and makes us go on..Reminded me of the story of Pandora's box and the hope fairy!!

Dipankar Dasgupta said...

excellent expression but a tinge of sadness. By the way, deciduous plants shed their leaves not to save water but to do away with their waste products of metabolism which they store throughout the year in their leaves. Poetic liscence allowed.