Friday, October 4, 2013

Be the gentler mind

OctoPoWriMo 2013 Day 4

At times am so hard on me,
aspirations and ambitions
always on the mind,
achievements counts
many a times
I have told that to myself.
At times
I take insults so much
to my heart that
in anger I cry.

At times
am so harsh to you all
being my parents,husband
and friend is not
easy at all I know
you usually keep quiet
and love me as I am.

Have I forgotten
to be gentle
to myself,
to let go of things,
to breathe in peace,
rather than rush into things.

Have I forgotten to live
a life as it is.
It is time
to be gentle
to you
to me
to poetry
and let it flow freely.


Nimue said...

This is me . Every single line.
Very clear and freely put.


@pratibha..then you are so much like me ...thank you dear.

Aavika Dhanda said...

I could so connect to it. Every word is put out beautifully.
and the way you write! is so impact-leaving.
Am glad I read this :)

vivinfrance said...

I think we could all relate to this. The prompt is a timely one, to make us think - and act.

Shah Wharton said...

Very insightful... X


Thank you Aivika and Vivinfrance...this is something we all go through isn't it

payal agarwal said...

YES,This is something we all go through!

seekingmeme said...

When I read the end "be gentle to you, to me, to poetry", I said out loud yes, yes, YES! I really like this!

Lady Whispers said...

Wow I loved this.
So beautiful, so clear and just so perfect :)

Ankit Sharma said...

Nicely Written. You have a story about you to tell every single time. Thats the best part, Not to forget you have an amazing way of writing too

Enchantress said...

I could grateful i am to have found such great writers here...

Christine said...

Amen to that last! I need to remember that, every day. Thank you for this lovely poem!

Linda Roy said...

Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves. I know I am. And it's difficult not to be in such a fast paced, competitive world, but I guess we need to step back, take a deep breath and give ourselves a break. This is a lovely poem full of self awareness.