Monday, October 14, 2013

Phailin(The cyclone)

OctPoWriMo 2013 day 15

The wind rushed through the leaves
at 240 kilometers per hour speed,
the trees jostled
electric poles fell,
the river grew bigger
and bigger as it rained.

landslides on the national highway
Mother nature moves
in her own way,
all came to a halt,
as if life was to stop
Spectators we
who lived far away
merely watched
the wrath of the storm
safe in our abode
glued to the television set.

As news rolled in
we watched how
lives were at stake
though moved to a safer place
the government is trying it's best.
to provide food, water
and shelter to all.

Houses are gone
cattle dead
people lost a lot
at least lives were saved.


Shah Wharton said...

A tragedy of nature eased by humanity at its best. Well told. X

Linda Roy said...

Reminds me of this time last year with the hurricane. Glued to the radio listening to everything happening around us that we couldn't see on tv because - no electricity. Scary stuff and you captured it well in your poem.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love the transition that begins with "As the news rolled in" it makes the news itself like a force of nature.

Nimue said...

I feel for all the lives lost .. May god bless peace to the survivors

Christine said...

I love the way you evoke the forces of nature in your poetry! So evocative, stirring, and vivid.