Sunday, October 6, 2013

The much awaited meet

OctPoWriMo2013 Day 6.

Do you hear my heart beat?
Doesn't it run very fast,
there are butterflies in my stomach,
flying around
sometimes giving me a start.

I look myself into the mirror,
asking do I look all right,
will you be happy to see me,
after such a long time.

Months that you have
been away,
seemed years sometime,
I waited patiently for this day
now anxious
that I may cry.

I know I have spoken to you
and Skyped on weekends too
but now you will be here for real
I just can't wait to hold you.


Amiya chatterjee said...

The longing is vibrating in every word of a passionate poet.

sunita said...

The feelings,the eagerness to meet the beloved. Beautifully expressed Philo :)

Freelancer said...

Reading this makes one realize how our hearts make more sense than our minds. If hearts could write, this is what it would'e written. Without fear, without a worry. Simply plain love.

Beautiful stuff indeed.

Beth Teliho said...

liked this very much. I could feel the trepidation.