Saturday, October 5, 2013

The narcissist in me.

OctPoWriMo2013 Day 5 Poem

To some
I am the woman of desire,
to some
I am the best of friend,
to some
I am the haughty creature,
but to me
I am just myself.

To some
I may mean the world,
to some
I am ignorant of consequences
of the things I say,
To some
I am just an ordinary girl,
but to me
I am what I am,
Just myself.

To you
I am a lover,
To him/her
I may be a mother someday,
To them
I am a confidante,
But to me
I am just myself.

I am a simpleton I believe
who lives life on my own terms,
Love me as I am,
or hate me
for my charm.

Today I myself had a to do to list for the day which kept me busy. It's festival time in Kolkata ( a metropolitan city in India : for my foreign readers) and so had to visit relatives to give away their gifts for the festival. However, the prompt of the day was back of mind always. All I wanted to do was rush back home and write down a poem. May a thoughts came into my mind  and I kept on pestering my husband to give me ideas. At last he came up with this funny poem..couldn't help sharing.
Here it goes:
What's with the list
let me tell you the gist,
I am a woman who kissed,
A man with an iron fist
But then there was something
I missed
Therefore, in the end I wished,
I shouldn't have kissed
The man with an iron fist.

Happy reading.


Beth Teliho said...

Awesome poem! I love how you end each part with how you are true to yourself. Very cool. :)

payal agarwal said...

Philo..ur poem is lovely..And your hubby's take makes it more beautiful!:)

Ankit Sharma said...

Amazingly written..

Anonymous said...

Loving the use of the word haughty. Great word.

seekingmeme said...

A little narcissism isn't necessarily a bad thing! ;) I enjoyed reading this and also reading your husband's contribution.

Annis Cassells said...

Just being yourself, no matter what others think or say. Very cool. Thank you. xoA