Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Story Of a Leaf

OctPoWriMo 2013 Day 7.

I am a dead leaf
A part of the humus now,
Once I was a blooming bud,
Awaiting to be fully grown,
And I started my journey
In this unknown world
as other leaves would do.

With each passing day
I grew
Till one day
I was a big leaf
And like every other leaf
Of the banyan tree
I was given the task
Of food processing.

From morning till
The afternoon
I cooked food,
Night was the only time
I was allowed to rest,
and that part of the day
I did love best.

It was that time
what I called was mine,
And then I talked to
my fellows leaves,
about our lives.

On some days
I listened quietly
To the birds
Who built their nest
On the branches,
Feeding on the fruits
Of the banyan tree,
They talked on various things,
From work to gossips,
And listening to their talks
I dozed off to a deep sleep.

I watched weary travelers,
Sitting under the tree
Taking rest,
and talking among themselves
of love, life and beyond.

Then one day came the stormy night,
Along with thunder and lightning
Came the rain,
Thunder struck the banyan tree,
Uprooted from the soil
It fell on its face,
And I tore off from my branch
Along my fellow beings
And drifted with the wind
Then I fell on the nearby stream.

For days I floated in the water,
Until one day I reached the shore,
But by that time,
Parts of me was rotten,
And I knew it was time
To go.

Now I am a part of the humus,
And on me new plants grow,
But I wish
Sometimes I lived,
And could watch
my grand children grow.

Today's OctPowriMo's Prompt is to write a narrative poem..and guess what am very happy about the prompt. I have always loved narrative poems and some of my favorite narrative poems are of Robert Browning like"My Last Duchess" or Phophyria's Lover" and many more. So here I am contributing a little part in writing a narrative poem. Hope you all like it.


vivinfrance said...

An original story, possibly a metaphor for the trials and happiness of motherhood.

Adam Everhard said...

I loved it! It was very touching, and I loved the thought of considering what the leaf feels.
Perhaps the spirit of the leaf will sprout again in the form of a new leaf.

Nimue said...

awesome .. I guessed that you would love this prompt !

beautiful ..

Ankit Sharma said...

This was so beautiful. When I visualised the entire post I can imagine each and every word of it and experience the life of a leaf. The ending was superb. Good writing yet again...

Beth Teliho said...

I LOVED this poem! Very cool (and creative)that it was from the perspective of a leaf, yet you managed to convey emotion and empathy. Well done!

Misky said...

Great example of the circle of life. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hee I loved this.

Sonalika Chaturvedi said...

This was very different from anything I've read today and a pretty vivid account too. Wow!

Christine said...

I adore this poem! It is sweet, touching, and very vivid. Thank you!

Shah Wharton said...

Very emotive and evocative. Well done. X