Sunday, October 27, 2013

The morning newpaper

OctPoWriMo Challenge 2013 Day 27

Early morning and a cup of tea
and usually a relaxed me
but it's not the same today
for my heart is not happy and gay
eight bomb blast in a row
my heart beat has gone slow
6 six killed
and injured more
blood shed and gore
as eyes flicker and tears roll down
they say Indian Muhajidin wears the crown.

Today's morning paper made me sad. Front page photo a wounded man(may be dead) is being taken away. Though it was yesterday's prompt, a busy Sunday had taken away my poetry time...with a much relaxed mood I thought I would write the poem today but the news just rocked me. 


Anna K. Stewart said...

I'm feeling less guilty and more relieved that I didn't read the paper this morning. But I think it's a good thing that you put your feelings into poetry...I often find poetry cathartic. And you hit your rhymes. Here's hoping that tomorrow's news is better news.

Christine said...

I feel so helpless and defeated when I read news like that. Good job with the poem! Good rhymes.