Saturday, October 26, 2013


OctPoWriMo challenge 2013 day 26

..and he walked with a stick,
and the little I held his hand tight,
all went for a walk on every evenings,
especially on Sundays
when together we went to meet his friends
in his club,
awed eyed I watched him talk,
as he played cards or carom,
he was my hero,
the smile he smiled,
the stories he told on sleepy
afternoons hot and humid,
the place he had in my heart,
the place he still has,
the time well spent,
those fond days,
me and my grandpa,
a memory so cherised,
a memory that is well kept.

I often miss my grand pa but unfortunately when he passed away he called out my name..i was not with him. It was a Christmas eve. I was out with my friends. I promised my mom that I would be there early morning next..but he passed away at 12 midnight. My father Christmas gone forever. We have stopped celebrating Christmas from that time for Christmas is never the same with out him. I miss you Grand pa..and believe me today I am really the way you want me to be..hopefully I try to be a good human being.


Enchantress said...

i love you for this poem :)

Christine said...

This made me cry! Such a sweet and fragile poem.

Ankit Sharma said...

Sweet. Simple. With loads of love and memories. Nice!