Wednesday, October 8, 2014


For Challenge Day 8

Maddening crowd stare at the full moon
And it's the lunar eclipse
Daunting a bewitching spell
Nesting a harmony of milky glow
Evokes a passion deep
Sublime is the moon
Serene is the night.

Shadow poetry type:



Diana said...

Sublime, serene, beautiful.

Diana said...

Sublime, serene, beautiful.

Vinay Leo R. said...

I like that ending :) Sublime moon in the serene night. Sounds very beautiful, and I imagine it looks so too.

sunita said...

Beautiful and evocative :)

Christine said...

Sublime, serene, madness... all perfect moon words! Nicely done.

Morgan Dragonwillow said...

Nicely done! I love that you played with the Acrostic form!