Monday, November 3, 2008

lament of a mosquito

I lie
as blood ooze out of my body
no, not mine,
yes, of the one I sucked,
as I lie on the palm of my murderer,
my legs hurt,
two of them have fallen apart,
heart beats slowing down,
time has come to depart,
and I leave this world being hated
right from my birth,
for I am a parasite,
I lived on other's blood,
spreading diseases,
creating havoc,
but I never wanted to be like this,
all I felt was to run,
across fields,
over rivers,
feeling the breeze,
humming a tune......
alas! its only a dream..

so i question God today
'why have you created me in this way?'
why am I hated by all?'
why do I die such a death today?'.........................

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