Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lets blame it on the weather

The weather is good today
Makes me wonder a lot
About butterflies, flowers and rainbows
And about you

Thinking what you are doing
Whether your beloved is by your side
Are you holding hands?
Or lying together side by side

I sit on the parapet of my window
With a pen caught between my lips
Thinking of a line or two to write
Definitely not about you.

The sky is cloudy,
The moon is not hidden
It has just forgotten to rise
The stars
Well they are too lazy today

The wind blows my hair
And covers a part of my face
The young boy next door smiles
A silly smile

All seem nice today
Even the funny dog that
Sleeps on the roof
Is it the weather that turns me mad
Or it is just you?

Doesn’t matter
The weather is too good anyway.


Sudeep Singh Rawat said...

ah.. very smart write..

Amiya chatterjee said...

I am trying in my mind to draw your figure with all the colours I have.My canvas weeps ! I am so happy to look at you.