Monday, January 4, 2010

The muse speaks aloud

am in a edgy mood today,
the poet is not by my side,
he found a lover of his own choice,
I am in love,
with the poet,
may be,
but he is a snob,
he talks like a commoner
and thinks his poem are
for people like him...

i am different,
yet I love the poet,
his smile make my knees weak,
and he bloody knows it,
a kind of passive seduction
it seems,
but he want to stay clean,
'for God's sake I am a commoner he says.'

that's a harsh word
yet he is in love with me,
he can't speak out loud,
he read his poems aloud though
taking my name in between.

don't ask me who
I am
by this time you must know,
I am his muse
but shhhhh
he can't take my name.
he is a commoner after all.

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