Tuesday, June 30, 2009

do you remember me?

do you remember me?
once I used to write long notes to you,
some sweet, some like the bitter moon,
some sad tunes too,
some lullabies,
some which said nothing at all.
do you?
do you remember me?

once i was a part of you,
even today I remain with you,
may be in bits and parts,
or may be in whole,
why don't you search your heart?

do you?
do you remember me at all?

things may have changed,
some new ones must have been born,
but there are the old ones,
have they forgotten(me) or gone

I re ask again and again,
do you?
do you remember me at all?

and for those you never knew me,
I am a part of you,
and will always remain so,
never mind how,
never mind how new............


Potato said...

yes i remember you...you were one of the girls who used to bug me in college :-)


i thought it was the other way round.