Monday, March 16, 2009

try again,try again

I ruffle,
I shuffle,
I grumble,
I rumble,
I beg,
I cry,
am I lost in the monotony of the game,
what game?
life's game
am I a miser
or a loser?
just swimming in fantasy and desire,
I growl,
I moan,
and then I laugh
a silly laugh,
and then cry
over my own folly,
or at my might,
I achieve,
I deceive,
I confuse only to diffuse,
I praise
sometimes false....
am I a hypocrite
am I feeble,
or just disabled
by norms and rules,
but provided by whom?
am I neddy,
then again I play,
the life game,
can I stop,
do you stop,
is it possible to stop?
lose or gain
try again,
try again,
is this a motto
or just a saying
for a feel good feeling,
does it count
all is but same at the end,
try again,
try again
and then again and again............

1 comment:

Meister said...

personally am too tired of trying again and again...btw there are some glaring grammar errors